Last year, a group of students from Aden Bowman had the chance to do e-journalism at a Citizenship Education Forum organized by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.  It was a great experience!

We then started thinking about e-journalism from a new angle:

What if we could form a team that brings together students with diverse experiences and perspectives to do e-journalism at local human rights events?  Could this be a way that we can respond to the Calls to Action?

E-Journalism as a Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action

One of the Education and Reconciliation Calls to Action is 63.iii, which calls education systems and educators to the challenge of:

“Building student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.”

This team is intended to do just that!  The students from Constable Robin Cameron Education Complex will be led by their teacher, Serena Gamble, and the Aden Bowman students will be led by Mrs. Roberts.  Mrs. Van Hesteren, a consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools, will support the initiative. We are seeking guidance from a traditional knowledge keeper in our learning and planning.

It is our hope that participating in this team will allow students to make new friends, deepen their knowledge of themselves and the world, and contribute to truth and reconciliation through e-journalism.

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