Social Media Engagement

Presenter: Jill Welke – Director of Communications, Saskatchewan School Board Association

Social media’s presence in our society has become immensely prevalent and unavoidable, especially from a business perspective. Because it is something that is so easily accessible and that is primarily used by youth, there is the assumption that using it as a means of communication with a consumer/community is easy and takes little thought. This is not the case. Just because it’s easy to use does not mean that it will be effective in demonstrating your purpose.

One would think that the ability on social media to put out mass content in seconds would be very advantageous to a business, however it is more of a hindrance. This is because everyone is doing it at the same time, so your message will be drowned out in thousands if you don’t do the proper research to streamline your message to your targeted demographic. So how do you achieve this? First, you have to consider who you’re trying to market to. If its a specific age group, you must consider the social media platform they’re using the most and where they have a presence. Making sure there is a substantial community before you put anything out is the first step. After you know where to put your information you need to decide how to present this information. Social media is a place to be refined and to the point, as the consumer should be engaged right from the beginning, not after reading through the whole message. Doing this is integral to resonating with consumers in a place where their attention is sought out constantly.

It is also important to consider your social media communications past the first interaction. It should be a 2 way conversation with your business and the consumer,because that is what is going to create that connection that lasts and a business goal that resonates. To really keep your effectiveness on social media, you need to understand that it is ever changing. A platform that works now may be obsolete in a year or have changing demographics engaging on it. It comes down to understanding your goal and your audience and this is something that requires constant research. Dedicate a lot of time to researching, maintaining, and updating your business’s online presence.

Social media is something that can grow and carry your business and this is why it is such a pinnacle skill in this time period. There is no framework in how to operate which is what can make it very intimidating, especially if you’re having to adapt to use it. To make it advantageous to your company, you must have a purpose and sustenance to your message that you know will resonate with your consumers. Doing the proper researching and being willing to succumb to the ever changing nature of it will help you further your business and engage consumers.


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