Youth Voices from the North

Presenter: Corey O’ Soup- Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth

“The kids are calling us to action.”

Corey’O’ Soup said “Youth voice in the book is way more important than my voice” as he pointed to the book called Shhh…Listen! We Have Something to Say: Youth Voices from the North.   While he was introducing himself and how he become an advocate he said “Not understanding who I was or who I wanted to be, I never thought that one day I would be the advocate for student voice.” As an educator himself and parent he has lots of experience with students and how under appreciated student voice really is in the school systems. “We are consistently failing our Indigenous children,” is they way he discussed the problems that indigenous students face on reserve and in urban setting. All children rights are second-guessed, they have a right to education, culture, health services and many other things which is the message he gave across the table.  With his work he wants to be the organization that does not wait for the next tragedy that we look at the positives to prevent the next tragedies.  He described that these tragedies will continue to happen and will consistently be viewed as Band-Aids to wounds that are much deeper if we don’t do anything. There is a really big gap in education for indigenous students that needs to be looked at. The topic he talked about came from 300 student voices from the North. These voices are being heard all over the world and have made a great impact into change. There are solutions in this book that give the public a life line to depend on when we talk about these issues. “The kids are calling us to action.” as he said about the book and its purpose for classrooms. He took the youth voices to the world for the public to listen to what they have to say and brought it to action. This important because he is bringing awareness to a subject that isn’t easy to discuss openly and uses the voice that these issues actually affect.


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