Education Sector

The Education Sector Strategic Plan

This session was an update about what three different school divisions are doing to advance learning.

1. Chinook School division

● Provide financial support for the SCC forums.
● attend SCC meetings.
● SCC support and guidance on A3.
● focus primarily on writing and engagement.

Role of Administrators

● Lead support and work with their SCC’ss in each monthly meeting
SCC Forums
● Chairperson and new member forum.
● SCC fall forum
● SCC spring forum

The purpose of the forums was to give data and background information.

2. Cornerstone division

● Learning plan developed with ESSP outcomes and priorities.
● schools engage SCC to develop plan to reach to parents and community in regards to the importance of their role within learning plan.

Engagement events​:

● Purchased resources

○ Mathletics

● Programming

○ Education week
○ Mystery reader

● Engagement events

○ WE day sponsorships

The last speaker was from the Prairie village school division and spoke on the
involvements of the SCC in their division.