Chancellor Roy Romanow

“Keeping Our Rural and Remote Communities Vibrant”

We are honoured that Chancellor Roy Romanow is here to give the opening address for the 2018 Congress.

“Success in education is students seeing there is a place for them in this changing world.”

The future of innovation in rural education is necessary; this message was the central theme of keynote speaker Chancellor Roy Romanow’s opening for the 23rd Annual National Congress on Rural Education. In his speech, Chancellor Romanow discussed his concerns with the rural education system. He spoke on developing and understanding innovative educational tools for rural schools, the impacts of innovation in agriculture on traditional ways of living, and the importance of the youth perspective in creating a more innovative future for rural education. As well, how to address the declining population in rural areas due to children looking for their place in an ever changing world was a prominent concern.

These are all complex topics that involve difficult issues, and as Chancellor Romanow made clear, we can not shy away from discussing these concerns. If we grant equal attention to our rural communities as we are to our urban communities, the faster these solutions will come, and the greater wellbeing of our nation, as well as it’s people, will improve. To finish of his presentation, the Chancellor told us that he is not the one with the solutions, that this is in the hands of the students, teachers, and everyone in between.

The chancellor’s speech left us with a call to action. It is up to every level of community, be it local, municipal, provincial, or national, to discuss these complicated topics and find out a long lasting solution that benefits the youth that are growing and learning in these rural communities. Whether that mean implementing innovative technology into rural classrooms, enlarging the budget of rural school systems, or an unknown solution that is yet to be discovered, only time will tell. That time, is now.


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