Congress Opening: Welcome and Greetings

The Congress Opening featured greetings from four leaders, and an introduction to the e-journalism team.


Below, you’ll find a key quotation from each:

Rob Currie, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education

“Part of Reconciliation is coming together, speaking together, learning from one another, to address the needs in our respective communities.”

Councillor Bev Dubois, City of Saskatoon

“Keeping our rural and remote communities strong helps us to provide caring and responsive instruction for all students.”

Dr. Michelle Prytula, Dean, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

“I have witnessed some of the most amazing work . . . because of the partnerships we have, across the province, nations, and the country.”

Janet Kotylak, Saskatchewan School Boards Association

“Our work remains deeply rooted in the belief that every child in Saskatchewan should have access to the resources they need to succeed.”

Introduction of E-Journalism Team: One Thunderous Voice


Students from the team introduced the group (see homepage of this site) and explained how conference participants can interact with the blog and participate in digital dialogue and sharing.


This is the place to find session summaries, photos, videos, and space to leave comments, questions, and insights.







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