The Pass System

Little known fact about Canadian reserves: they used to be prisons. Even littler known fact: South African officials studiedthe Canadian reserve system when they were planning how to implement apartheid.

I know this comes off as a bit aggressive, but it’s the truth.

It’s the sort of truth that we as Canadians needs to accept in order to move forward. That’s not to say that we ought to feel shame because of it. Nobody is blaming today’s people for past injustice. All that is asked is that reality be accepted.

The Alex Williams Documentary titled “The Pass System” serves to enlighten Canadians about their history, and does so extremely well. The most striking moment in the film was when some sort of government PSA claiming that residential schools were some sort of paradise of civilisation. I immediately thought of a scene from “The Boy In Striped Pajamas” where a nearly identical PSA has been created that showed concentration camps.

Ultimately what matters is that we all make the effort to learn, as the way forward is always education.

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