The Pass System

As an indigenous individual watching Alex Willam’s video “The Pass System”  just expanded my education on this harsh topic.  All I could picture was a family with low faces getting stripped of their identity and living unfreely.  I could hear the anger and sadness of not being allowed to leave off reserve without a permit. I can also hear the indigenous nation saying “We are treated like Gemini pigs or like we don’t know anything,” while they treated like inmates in jail. With my indigenous perspective my insight is still that indigenous peoples live unfreely in society today and that colonization made that happen, that’s just the reality of Canada. I can’t help but ask myself throughout the video “Why?” over and over again. Such as why did this system last that long? I do have hope that as people we can try educate ourselves on this topic and many others so truth and reconciliation can happen. So as the next generation, How can we educate ourselves about this topic and advocate to move forward? Just a question for you to ask yourself and talk about at the dinner table.

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