The pass system

“They want to control our land, resources and way of life.” A quote from the documentary that’s runs through my head, that was said by a elder and haunts me. This moment in history we are running out of resources and over using them. We are abusing mother earth, and using her for our own selfish reasons. As an indigenous youth, I am scared for my peoples future.

The pass system opened my mind to expand my thinking, I am very embarrassed to say I haven’t known much of it until now. Each day we are loosing our culture knowledge and language. I think about, ” if I haven’t known about The Pass System as well as I thought , how many others do not know at all?”.  Let alone cultural identity.

“We” as a group, city and country need to bring awareness to issues such as these to our younger generations.

We need to teach our youth about the importance of culture, but also our history and why our people are struggling to this day.

We need, “One Thunderous Voice”.


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