Cultural Showcase

In the Spotlight

True multiculturalism occurs when a society comes together to celebrate the
unique cultures of those that make up the community. This is amplified when people
understand the cultural significance behind certain practices. One important aspect of
most cultures is their music and dance. At Aden Bowman’s Multicultural Day
celebration, a number of participants performed in a showcase of different traditional
dances, with the emcee explaining the importance of each one.

The Aden Bowman Dance Club was asked to perform at the dance showcase;
however, the general populous of the group did not practice a common form of their
own cultural dance, so, unlike the other dancers, we had to find some form of dance to
perform at the showcase. The team decided on two dances, the first of which was an
Irish dance.

A few of the students, myself included, considered this problematic because, to
the best of our knowledge, the majority of the group members were not Irish. While the
Irish dancers on our team stated that doing this dance, despite our lack of Irish heritage
was not problematic, the team debated whether or not we should go through with this
performance. In the end, the team decided to go perform the dance. I chose not to
participate in that dance as I did not feel it was my place to represent this culture in our
multicultural day showcase. However, it was clear that the team and the coach had
respectful approach to the dance and the Irish culture.

On the other hand, the second dance that Aden Bowman’s Dance Club
performed was much more fitting to our position in the celebrations. We finished off the
showcase with a performance of This is Me, sung by Keala Settle. This song, taken
from the movie The Greatest Showman, was chosen as a representation of how
everyone is special, and how every culture should be celebrated.

Part way through the dance, all the multicultural dancers came out on stage and
took a bow, while the entire theatre erupted into a massive round of applause. It was
during this performance that I realized that I can play a role in promoting
multiculturalism by helping to pave a way for other cultures to have their much deserved time in the spotlight.