The Refugee’s Experience

During Multicultural day at Aden Bowman I had the pleasure of listening to Danny Meumbo. He spoke about his journey as a refugee from the Congo. He spoke with a light heart, even though the topics he spoke of were about death and despair. There were times in his journey when he felt sad and believed that taking his life was the best option. At this time, he found hope in religion and God. It was what kept him going, and it brought him to where he is today. The happiness and joy he carries with him is outstanding considering what he has gone through. He always seems to be enjoying life and living it to the fullest. I am happy to hear about his journey and I hope that I can carry that amount of hope and happiness with me through any times of hardship.

Furthermore, Danny talked about the racism he faced when he first entered the country, with an interaction with a racist taxi driver sharing his negative opinions on First Nations people. This brought into light the impact of the first interactions you have with refugees or newcomers into the country. You must ensure that it is positive, so the future can grow in a positive manner. In the future, I hope I can play a role in introducing newcomers into the country with the intention of creating a more wholesome community. It was a pleasure to listen to Danny’s story, as it gave me new insight on the journey of a refugee.


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