Daphie Pooyak

Daphine Pooyak is a traditional teacher and cultural presenter from Nakota Cree Sweetgrass First Nation. I had the privilege to listen to her at this year’s Think Indigenous conference. She is an amazing speaker who legitimately forced me to think deeply; just by talking and telling stories. She covered a wide range of topics in a short amount of time. From The meaning of names, to truth and reconciliation. But what really stuck with me was when she started to talk about injustices. Injustice isn’t local, injustices have happened all around the world, and we can’t move on, we can’t reconcile, until we look at the entire world. Don’t feel sorry for the past, but look toward the future because reconciliation doesn’t come from guilt or anger, it comes from love, and it comes from compassion. We as human beings aren’t born to see the colour of people. We are born to see the color of humanity. We are born to see love.



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