Jade Roberts & Dene Robillard

We played a Dene hand game with two teams. Hand games were traditionally played only by men. They were a form of gambling. Typical wagers included sleds, dogs, and supplies. There are many variations of Dene hand games encompassing a vast region. As a result, there are numerous elaborate hand signs.

How to play:

  1. Get a team together.
  2. Kneel down.
  3. Choose who goes first.
  4. One team hides a coin in one of their hands and the other guesses where they’ve hidden it.
  5. The guessing team appoints a captain.
  6. The captain use hand signs to make their guess.
  7. If the captain guesses correctly, the person hiding the coin is out.
  8. The round continues until one team is entirely out.
  9. The remaining team gets a stick, play continues until one team acquires 12 sticks.

These games could last all day; you play with the spirit of the drum while taunting the other team. I had a fun experience as it was the first time I had played these games. I met an indigenous girl named Raven, and we became friends. She helped me feel included in the games and introduced me to her friends.



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