Kawacatoose School

This group of young people and their video are making Truth and Reconciliation waves in Canada!  You can read more about the group and their video here: https://regina.ctvnews.ca/indigenous-youth-find-voice-in-music-video-1.3856662

Take time to view the video.  Then, share your thoughts below.  Here are some questions to guide your thinking!

How do these students and this video contribute to truth and reconciliation? 

How do their words affect you, given your history and identity?

What issues does it raise which all Canadians have the responsibility to address?

What does it say about history? the present? the future?  youth voices?

Music is the sort of thing that can be difficult to describe. It is a universal language; a medium through which we can all express ourselves and be understood. Kawacatoose School has done something really great here. They’re giving both a voice and a creative outlet to all those featured in the song. Music is a really significant part of my life, and the fact that they chose to express their message through song really resonates with me. I truly believe that education is the most key part of reconciliation, and spreading a message in a way that we can all understand and enjoy is a great way to do that. 



2 thoughts on “Kawacatoose School

    • KienanA

      I’m not personally a big fan of rap, however, being able to more directly state your message means that it was quite effective here.


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